How to start a network business on the Internet?

 Keys to success!

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about the movement, but not just about the movement of the arms, legs, head and other parts of the body, but about the development of modern technologies and the world movement. One of the promising areas on a global scale is the network business on the Internet and the opportunity to earn money online.

Nothing stands still, everything and everything moves only forward. Whoever catches a lucrative trend and reacts sensitively to the revenue wave, he always wins. It seems that very little more and the global web will capture the whole world, because even now it is not necessary to get up from a soft and warm chair, any products, services and even entertainment can be quickly ordered with home delivery.

With my character it is not easy to work in network marketing and the Internet has become a wand for me. While everyone is fussing, running and trying to draw, tell, show … – people find me, and I still reluctantly decide whether or not to consider a person’s offer.

Yes, the virtual world is a great force, which leaves time for this blog. We can talk for a long time about the great power, nevertheless, let’s move on to the main thing and start with the basics.

What is MLM?

The term “MLM network business” and in particular the abbreviation MLM is literally translated as multilevel marketing. On the territory of Russia, this new direction in business has been gaining momentum since the late 80’s and most people know under the name – network marketing. Despite such a significant period, MLM in Russia is still at an embryonic level compared with other developed world countries.

The main task and idea of ​​MLM business on the Internet is to provide information about the product or service to each client. For example, in an ordinary store, the goods are put on counters and buyers choose it on the principle: I want, my friend advised, ah what a beautiful packaging! In both cases, the client decides to buy this or that product on the basis of the information received, but in the first case the probability of buying is much higher.

Therefore, the main goal of MLM in the network is to disseminate information about a product or service to the maximum number of people, and increasing sales is an indirect and natural pattern. Therefore, to increase the effectiveness of their work to inform people, networkers are actively using a computer with which it is easier to both sell the product and attract interested people not just in the Internet earnings, but in MLM earnings, that is, invite them to engage in network business using the Internet along with You.

There are two opportunities in MLM to make money:


Here it is necessary to recommend the product itself. The more it is bought on the recommendation, the higher the earnings.


Here the meaning is as follows. What is easier to sell, 100 packs of ice cream itself or 1 pack? But in order to get the same result on the output you need to have this pack of 100 sold to 100 people, that is, you need a team, each of whose participants will sell one pack of ice cream.

MLM to make money

What does the process of running a networked Internet business look like?

If a person likes a product and wants to earn more money by distributing information, it’s enough to become a member of one of the network companies (distributor). And to create your own business from scratch you need a minimum start-up capital, and sometimes you do not need to invest anything at all.

If you constantly talk about a promising and profitable offer on the network, there will certainly be people who will be interested in this proposal, and who in turn will also recommend a profitable business. It turns out that when attracting a person, he is interested in two more, and those two are two and so on. And if everyone attracts not two people, but ten? Can you imagine what team will turn out?

Thus, a human network is being built that tells about the possibilities of its business on the Internet and about the smart products. This process was called network marketing. Here you do not need to walk the streets and pester people with the offer to buy something, you just need to talk about the possibility of more people. You see how simple it all is!

The profit in MLM grows along with the growth in sales of goods, so distributors are interested in maximizing the information field of activity. But you can earn on the Internet in the network business not only on the direct sale of products, all MLM companies reward their distributors for the goods sold by their distributors, charging interest from the sale.

To further increase the level of sales, experienced distributors advise all newcomers to use the recommended product by themselves. MLM is a business of emotions, and how else to express emotions: smile? Only personal use will help in all colors to tell about the merits and uniqueness of the advertised products.

For example, if MLM company is engaged in the distribution of perfumes, then a person must necessarily experience perfume on himself. There are many offers on the market for selling fragrances with different prices and from different manufacturers, but people do not need just fragrances, they need a dream, emotions, pleasures. If you can give positive emotions and pick up a stunning perfume wardrobe, you will tear off the flavours with your hands!

Once again, I repeat the main idea. Do not engage in other anti-human activities, it’s enough to consume the product and tell about your impressions.

A prerequisite for achieving a high result in network marketing on the Internet is training. It is required to constantly learn new things and try to find time for self-education. In this business, you must always learn! And at the conclusion of the contract with the company as a gift, a sponsor is given who is interested in your success and who is always ready to share his experience.

In the classical network business of MLM from the beginning of education to serious results on statistics takes a year, but in online speeds a completely different and positive effect is visible in a month or even a week. In any case, the knowledge gained in the MLM industry will certainly be useful in every person’s life.

Differences of network business on the Internet from ordinary MLM business

The main difference is the field of activity, in our case – the Internet. The principles of the same work remain the same. True, the global web greatly simplifies the work of the distributor in bringing information to interested people. On online pages faster and easier:

  • show users directories,
  • tell about the advantages and disadvantages of products,
  • lay out prices,
  • write the latest news about discounts and promotions.

Attracting new people to the team is generally a fairy tale. With the future candidate does not even need to meet, long to describe the marketing plan, to introduce the product range and so on. It is only necessary to specify a link to the desired site and the person himself will read, look and learn what he is interested in.


To maintain and develop your business with a computer is also easier than in real life. In an online environment, you can fruitfully communicate with your distributors who are in other cities and villages. The possibilities are truly limitless for conducting online business on the Internet, there would be a desire.

Thanks to the network it is easier to hold a presentation, organize a webinar, quickly solve urgent problems, send a short letter via e-mail, talk in skype. Being in one place really control the entire network around the world. Agree, it’s great to save money, time and nerves.

An essential advantage of online business is a free work schedule, the person himself sets for himself at what time it is more pleasant for him to work and how much. And you can work in the network business anywhere: in the office, at home, transport, on the beach …

MLM is a business for everyone. Even the ones whose main way of making money online was playing free pokies games. To create an online business from scratch, there are no restrictions, you do not need a lot of experience, serious knowledge, social status … They can be engaged by a schoolboy and a pensioner, a young mother and an inveterate businessman, a person with a school certificate and a Ph.D., it is important that there was online access.

Leading network marketing companies have long mastered the online market, which is expanding more and more rapidly, much faster than the real business of MLM. So the emergence of new businessmen and millionaires is not far off.

Advantages of network business via the Internet

A significant advantage for attracting people to MLM online is some decent earnings, which in the short term necessarily grow into passive income. It is enough to make efforts at the very beginning and work well, after which a successfully built business starts to bring a stable income.

Today, MLM is becoming more popular. The model and the principle of its operation began to be widely used by many Internet projects, infobusinessmen and ordinary webmasters. People use the services of services, buy information products and tell their relatives, friends and acquaintances about it, getting a reward (a percentage of sales) for their recommendations, only called a referral or affiliate program.

In fact, how not to name the case, affiliate program, affiliate or network marketing work, and the meaning remains the same. A person provides information, and people buy goods or use advertised services. In plus everything remains and all participants of the process benefit.

The best result in MLM is achieved by purposeful people, and everything else is trained. As a result, success comes to those who learn to communicate, think positively, achieve goals and work on themselves. The longer a person engages in this type of activity, the higher the result and earnings more earnest.

The essence of MLM is simple, but here the main zeal and a burning desire. Network business on the Internet compared to the real one has not changed, only the tools for its creation have changed. The system of multilevel marketing is so simple that even a child can repeat it.

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